Samsung LABGEO PT10

Name : Samsung LABGEO PT10


Intended use :  The Samsung LABGEO PT10 is intended for the in vitro quantitative determination ofclinical   chemistry analytes in lithium-heparinized whole blood, plasma and serum.


Product Information  :  The Samsung LABGEO PT10 has clinically proven in accuracy and precision as published on Lab Med Online (Vol. 3, No. 3: 138-144, July 2013). Simple User Interface collaborates with smart IT Solution and Proactive service help improvement in healthcare service.


Key Features  :  Fast: Test to Result within 7 minutes. Easy: Simple and Automate operation with applying only Small volume of blood.Accurate: Clinically-proven accuracy.
Procedure  :  Easy blood sampling and automated testingprocess By drawing a small amount of blood into the cartridge, inserting thecartridge into the Samsung LABGEOPT10 and beginning the test, fast andaccurate results are acquired through the automated testing process.