Automation & Professional Use


  • The HbA1c detector of Labotron Co., Ltd. has both fully automated machines which are HPLC principles such as Lifotronic machines H8 and H9, as well as POCT machines such as GREENCARE A1c and CERA STAT 4000.
  • Passed the CE certificate and ISO13485.
  • NGSP certified and IFCC certified

Blood Gas, Electrolyte & Chemistry Analyzer

  • Fully automate for Blood gas, Electrolyte and Chemistry
  • Gold standard procedure (ISE)
  • Easy to use ,Comfortable, Portable
  • Fast detection 180 sec for Accurate and Reliable result.
  • Multi parameters Cartridges
  • Sample Auto Aspiration

Hematology Analyzer

The Hemotology Analyzer group of Labotron Co., Ltd. includes a 5 part differential CBC device, Germany Technology and a POCT device for quantitatively reported G6PD activity. (Quantitative) It takes only 4 minutes to analyze, uses only 7 microliters of blood, can be examined from the fingertips.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer group of Labotron Co., Ltd. has both body biochemical analyzer type
     – Dry Chemistry machine is a product from Japan. It is small, compact, easy to use. There are many types of test kits to choose from such as Sugar, Fat, Liver and Kidney, etc.
     – Fully automated machine for high sensitive immunoassay, Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) principle
     – HUBI Quan Pro can detect cardiac markers including
       Trop-I, CK-MB, Myoglobin, D-dimer, Hormones include TSH and Infectious disease groups include PCT, CRP.

Urine Analyzer

  • Cybow Urine Analyzer
  • The probe is used with Cybow brand test strips.
  • products from South Korea
  • Products are certified to ISO13485, USFDA and CE production standards.
  • Able to connect HIS and LIS system