Arkray SPOTCHEM SP-4430 Blood Biochemistry Tester

Product details

  • Dry chemistry detector, small size, small installation space.
  • Can be used in serum (Serum), plasma (Plasma) or whole blood (Whole blood).
  • Small and compact, easy to use
  • Up to 9 tests per order
  • There is a Centrifuge and Printer inside the machine.
  • Made in Japan
  • Quality products the manufacturer is certified with international standards ISO13485 : 2016.

Arkray SPOTCHEM SP-4430 blood biochemical test kit

There are 2 types of test kits used with the machine, which are Single Reagent Strip (single test strips) and Multi Reagent Strip (sets of test strips),     each containing 25 pieces/box.

  1. Single Reagent Strip: Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Uric acid, Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL-Cholesterol, Total Bilirubin, Total Protein, Albumin, GOT, GPT, ALP, g-GT, Calcium, Magnesium, Inorganic Phosphorus, LDH, CPK, Amylase และ Fructosamine
  1. Multi Reagent Strip :
  • Panel-1 for Glucose, BUN, Total Cholesterol, Total Bilirubin, GOT and GPT.
  • Panel-V2 for Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Total Protein, GPT and ALP.
  • Kenshin-2 for Total Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Direct-HDL Cholesterol, GOT, GPT and g-GT.
  • Kidney-3 for BUN, Creatinine, Uric acid, Total Protein, Albumin.
  • Heart-2 for BUN, Total Cholesterol, Total Protein, GOT, LDH and CPK.
  • Liver-1 for Total Protein, Albumin, Total Bilirubin, GOT, GPT and LDH.


HOTGEN MQ60 “Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer”

MQ-60 CLIA System
Magnetic Particles Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Technology

Break through the common diagnostic limitation
Initiate a new era for high sensitive compact immunoassay analyzer

  • Fully automatic, fully quantitative
  • 6 independent detection channels in parallel, synchronously quantitative analysis.
  • Complete 6 tests in 17 minutes
  • The specimen can be whole blood, plasma, serum
  • Suitable for clinical lab, Emergency Department and Point-of-Care Testing
  • High sensitivity, high accuracy, good reproducibility, in Central Lab quality
  • Can be linked to Laboratory Information Management System (LIS)

Other Details:

  • Single cartridge-based ready to use reagents for ease of use
  • One cartridge is equal to one sample.
  • Results with 17 minutes for 6 different parameters at the same time.
  • No additional reagent or consumable required for running the tests
  • Uses whole blood too as a sample for an easy point of care analysis.
  • No water or drain connection required thus can be set up in any emergency care too.
  • Lab quality results with quantitative analysis in an emergency, ICU and point of care set up.
  • Calibrator and control are provided with the kit thus need not to be purchased at extra cost.
  • Parametrs available- PCT, CRP, D-Dimer, hsTrop I and IL-6 and many other.



HUBI-QUAN pro is a portable, self-contained and easy cartridge reader. It is designed to provide rapid quantitative results for membrane- based lateral flow Immunochromatographic assays. HUBI—QUAN pro is useful to make fast decision in physician’s office or in hospital emergency and critical care settings.

  • Simultaneous diagnosis up to six different markers in 15 min, using whole blood.
  • Wide range or diagnosis such as Disease, Fertility Hormones, Cancer Markers
  • Enhanced QC program and Auto calibration
  • Windows, RFID system application
  • Made in Korea.
  • Quality products The manufacturer is certified with international standards ISO13485, CE.

Test kits that can be used with the HUBI-QUAN PRO Analyzer. 

Product Name Test kit typeUnitsSample typeSample type
Cardiac markers
2 HUBI-Troponin I CardHUBI-Troponin I Card Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood or Plasma18 months
3 HUBI Cardiac DUO (Trop I CK-MB) CardHUBI Cardiac DUO
(Trop I/CK-MB) Card
Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood or Plasma18 months
4 HUBI Cardiac 3 in 1 CardHUBI Cardiac 3 in 1 Card Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood or Plasma18 months
5 HUBI D-Dimer CardHUBI D-Dimer Card Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood or Plasma18 months
Cardiac markers
6 HUBI CRP CardHUBI CRP Card Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood, Serum, Plasma12 months
7 HUBI PCT CardHUBI PCT CARD Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood, Serum, Plasma12 months
Cardiac markers
8 HUBI TSH CardHUBI TSH CARD Cassette25 Tests/boxWhole blood, Serum, Plasma12 months


Cybow Brand
Analyzers and Reagent Strips for Urinalysis

Cybow Urine Chemistry Analyzers are reflectance photometers. The strip is iluminated by white light and the reflected light from the strip is detected by the sensor. The RGB signals are digitized and this digitized image is interpreted by the processor. The intelligent imaging analysis software reads the strip and the pads, and the parameter values are determined based on these color data. The results including the date and time of the measurement, sequence number and ID are stored. Cybow Urine Chemistry Analyzers are easy to use and provide reliable results every time.
Urine Chemistry Analyzer

A : Cybow R-50

For the detection of diseases by the test of human & animal’s urine on Glucose, Protein, pH, Blood, Ketone, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Nitrite, Specific Gravity, Leukocyte, Ascorbic Acid parameters through Urine Chemistry analyzer.
Product Features – Smple operation with shortcut & keypad buttons – Reliable result by built in thermal printer – Quick and easy test within 1 minute – provide easy maintenance for the user – Auto—calibration function – Accessible to laboratory information system(LIS) by PC

  • Measures up to 50 people per hour
  • There is a built-in printer and LCD display screen.
  • Easy to use and convenient
  • Compatible with Cybow 2GP,3,4SG,5,6SG,7L,11 and 2AC urine strips, can be connected to a computer system (LIS,HIS).
B : Cybow R-50S

The CYBOW R-50S is a semi-automatic urine chemistry analyzer that offers automatic forwarding, reading and evaluating of CYBOW urine strips. It has a throughput of 45 tests/hour and (maximum 120 tests /hour) and internal memory for storing 2,000 test results.

  • Light and Portable analyzer
  • User friendly designed with compact size
  • Colorful 4.3 inch touch LCD Display
  • Possibility with 8-battery 1.5 V
  • Rapid test result in 1 minute
  • Auto-Calibration function (No calibration strip needed)
  • Accessible to laboratory information system(LIS) by PC protocol
D : Cybow R720
  •  Efficient and high-speed test available to 720 people per hour
  • Advanced and reliable test results
  • Convenient connectivity to LIS system
  • Color LCD display
  • Easy to use with simple keypad
  • Auto-printed results by integrated printer

Cybow Urine Chemistry Test Strips

The Strip Cybow test strips are manufactured in accordance with KFDA and CE Certificate production standards. It can detect from 12 parameters including. Glucose,Protein,pH,Blood,Ketone,Nitrite,Bilirubin,Urobilinogen,Specific Gravity,Leukocytes and Ascorbic acid.

Product NameTest Parameters (100 tests/box)
CYBOW 3Pro, pH, Glu
CYBOW 5Glu,Ket,Pro,pH,Bld
CYBOW 6SGGlu,Ket,Pro,pH,SG,Bld
CYBOW 6SGM(CP), Glu,Ket,Pro,pH,SG,Bld
CYBOW 7LBld,SG,pH,Glu,Pro,Nit,Leu
CYBOW 11Uro,Glu,Bil,Ket,SG,Bld,pH,Pro,Nit,Leu,AsA
CYBOW 11M(CP), Uro,Glu,Bil,Ket,SG,Bld,pH,Pro,Nit,Leu,AsA
Micoalbumin & Creatinine Tests

Microalbumin and creatinine can also be checked for initial screening. In patients at risk of developing nephrotic syndrome as well

Product NamePackingTest Parameters
CYBOW 2AC50 strips50 stripsMa,Cre
CYBOW 2MAC50 strips(CP),Ma,Cre
CYBOW 12MAC100 strips(CP),Uro,Glu,Bil,Ket,SG,Bld,pH,Pro,Ma,Nit,Leu,Cre

Microalbumin & Creatinine reading and interpretation table