Laboratory Equipment & Accessories

Specimen Collector

Labotron’s specimen collection devices are available in a wide variety of types, including fingertip blood collection needles, transport mediums, swabs and blood collection tubes. ISO 13485, CE etc.


Centrifuge centrifuge, Mini Centrifuge for centrifugation to separate serum or plasma specimens, centrifuge for urine precipitate. Controlled by a microprocessor system, the structure is durable, lightweight, does not rust, has a long service life with a battery-less system. There is also a Hematocrit Centrifuge blender to determine the percentage of red blood cells as well.

Medical Face Mask

 Medical Face Mask

medical mask For wearing to cover the nose and mouth Disposable type to prevent microorganisms and substances in water or blood. enter the respiratory system and mouth Increases comfort and comfort while wearing